Rainbow Forest RV Park Rates & Policies

Rates / Policies

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Simple Basic Rate Plan

Long-term summer rental only, 3 mos or more (no exceptions)
No rigs over 10 years of age (2013 and newer, no exceptions)
No children
*Rates subject to change*
No refunds.
Monthly rate is  $500.00 per month plus electric


Cable and internet hookups at each site.  Call Sparklight to establish account/activation +1-928-537-2279.

All rent is payable in advance.  First months rent is required for deposit.  Monthly rent and electricity used are due the following month on or before due date. 



Uncomplicated Policies - The spirit of our park conveys itself.
We are honored to have you experience the formula we've mastered without endless rules and regulations...JUST ASK!
We appreciate your help and consideration.

* Care and respect others as RV'ers do!  But as a reminder, please read on!

STOP! Check-in is REQUIRED upon arrival.  Stay parked, don't move - we must assist you to your space.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Be knowledgeable about the operation of your RV.  Let us know in advance so we can help with set-up if needed.

Before you do ANYTHING to your rig, property or bringing extra vehicles, boats, trailers.....ASK!  MUST BE AUTHORIZED!!

Keep your space nice and clean.  Clean up after pets.

We are not responsible for damage, injury or loss caused by accident, theft or fire to either property or person.  We reserve the right to refuse space rental to anyone.